SERMON: Why Must it be Faith Alone? | The Five Solas of the Reformation

Why Must it be Faith Alone? The Five Solas of the Reformation
Shaun Marksbury | Grace Bible Church
Sunday Morning Service | 15 October, 2017

The material principle of the Reformation—the primary means by which we describe how a person is made right with God—is through sola fide, faith alone.  Of course, as a Christian, you should already understand that you need to have faith in Christ to be saved.  Well, sola gratia leads to sola fide, explaining the origin of faith within the soul.  Indeed, sola gratia explains the origin of faith in the soul, so it’s responsible for sola fide, as well as the other two “alones”—solus Christus and soli Deo gloria

As John Blanchard said, “Grace is not a reward for faith; faith is the result of grace.”  In other words, we begin with God’s grace when talking about faith, not ourselves.  As AW Pink said, “Saving faith is not a native product of the human heart, but is a spiritual grace communicated from on High.”


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