New Documentary: "Reborn and Reformed"

We were recently interviewed for a documentary on the work of Coastal Jail Ministries of Georgia in Savannah.  Featured in the video are statements from the honorable Judge Bass, Sheriff John Wilcher, Mayor Eddie DeLoach, and some of our participants who have come out of our ministry.  

We discussed what we do both inside and outside the jail.

For instance, since its inception in 2013, our transitional ministry has helped nearly 400 people find jobs.  The vast majority of those don't quit or get fired; many receive promotions.  We've been blessed to see former addicts living clean, parents get their children back, adults buying homes for the first time, and new believers joining churches.

As Lorie Irish (our transitional coordinator) would say, we get the opportunity to help people "climb up to normal."

It's only possible for two reasons.  First, people can change because of the power of God's Word to save lost souls.  Second, people can change because God works through His people to help them change, such as through financial gifts.

Watch the video here:

We are seeking $52,000 to fully fund our transitional ministry.  Amazingly, Mrs. Irish's full-time success has come while only receiving a part-time salary, and we are unfortunately out of funding for her side of the ministry.  We're asking that, over and above your giving to your local church, you prayerfully consider giving an ongoing donation to keep transitional going.  If your church is looking for a mission to support, ask them if they can give at least $100/mo. to keep this ministry going.  Options for giving can be found on our donations page.

Thank you, and we want to also thank Karmac Productions for all their hard work on this documentary!

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